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Institut für Geographie und Geologie

Staff of the Institute of Geography and Geology

AALTHAUS, StR Christoph(lecturer)
AMEND, Thomas (Didactics of Geographie)
AMINI, Mohammad Rashid, M.Sc. (Physical Geography)
APPEL, Dr. Alexandra (Human Geography)
B BATSAIKHAN, Anudari, M.Sc (Remote Sensing)
BAUER, Dipl.-Geogr. Christian (Remote Sensing)
BAUMHAUER, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland (Physical Geography)
BÖHN, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Dieter (Didactics of Geographie)
BREUNIG, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Julia (Human Geography)
BÜDEL, Dipl.-Geogr. Christian (Physical Geography)
BÜTTNER, Prof. Dr. Ralf (Physical Geography)
C CLAUß, Kersten, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
CONRAD, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christopher (Remote Sensing)
D DAHMS, Thorsten, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
DECH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan (Remote Sensing)
DIMOV, Dimo, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
DOLEZAL, Dipl.-Geogr. Sascha (Human Geography)
E EIPPER, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Christoph (Physical Geography)
EMMERT, Adrian, M.Sc. (Physical Geography)
ENGELBAUER, Manuel, M.Sc. (Human Geography)
F FRIMMEL, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hartwig (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
G GEYER, Prof. Dr. Gerd (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
GEIß, Dr. Christian (lecturer)
GRAUPNER, PD Dr. Torsten (lecturer)
HHAGEDORN, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Horst (Physical Geography)
HAHN, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara (Human Geography)
HAMANN, Dr. Berta (Didactics of Geographie)
HARDAKER, Dr. Sina (Human Geography)
HARTMANN, Christian, M.Sc. (Physical Geography)
HEEG, Dipl.-Geogr. Daniel (lecturer)
HILL, Steven, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
HÖHN, Dipl.-Geogr. Stefan (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
J JÄGER, Daniel(lecturer)
JOB, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert (Human Geography)
K KELBER, Klaus-Peter
(Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
KEMPF, Dr. Jürgen (lecturer)
KLEE, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Andreas (Human Geography)
KLEIN, Prof. Dr. Ralf (Human Geography)
KLEINSCHROT, Dr. Dorothée (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
KNEISEL, Prof. Dr. Christof (Physical Geography)
KRECH, Dipl.-Geogr. Martin (Physical Geography)
KÜBERT, Dipl.-Geogr. Carina (Remote Sensing)
KÜNZER, PD Dr. Claudia (lecturer)
L LATIFI, Dr. Hooman (Remote Sensing)
LEUTNER, Benjamin, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
LI, Dr. Jingmin (Physical Geography)
LINGE, Christine | LINGE, Christine(Remote Sensing | Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
LORENZ, Univ.-Prof. (i. R.) Dr. Volker (Geology)
M MAJEWSKI, Lisa, M.Sc. (Human Geography)
MANN, Dipl.-Geogr. Daniel (Human Geography)
MENZ, Karin | MENZ, Karin
(Human Geography | Didactics of Geographie)
MEYER-HEINTZE, Simon, M.Sc.(Physical Geography)
MORITZ, Günter (Physical Geography)
MORPER-BUSCH, Dipl.-Geogr. Lucia (Remote Sensing)
O OKRUSCH, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Martin (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
OTTINGER, Dipl.-Geogr. Marco (Remote Sensing)
P PADASHI, Majid, M.Sc. (Physical Geography)
PAETH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heiko (Physical Geography)
PFARR, Doris (Didactics of Geographie)
PILLHOFER, Christiane (lecturer)
POLLINGER, Dr. Felix (Physical Geography)
R RATHMANN, Dr. Joachim (Human Geography)
RAUCH, Sebastian, M.Sc. (Human Geography)
RAUH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rauh (Human Geography)
REICHMUTH, Anne, M. Eng. (Remote Sensing)
REIMANN, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Matthias   (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
REMELGADO, Ruben, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
RING, Christoph, M.Sc. (Physical Geography)
ROTH, Miriam (lecturer)
RUPPIENE, Dr. Vilma (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
S SAILER-SCHMID, Dr. Andrea (lecturer)
SCHÄFER, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Dieter  (Human Geography)
SCHILL, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dorothee  (Physical Geography)
SCHLIEPHAKE, Dr. Konrad (lecturer)
SCHÖNBRODT-STITT, Dr. Sarah (Remote Sensing)
SCHÜßLER, Prof. Dr. Ulrich  (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
SEBOLD, Simon (Remote Sensing)
SPÄTHE, Peter (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
SPONHOLZ, Prof. Dr. Barbara  (Physical Geography)
STANDFUß, Dipl.-Ing. Ines, M.Sc. (Remote Sensing)
T TERHORST, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit (Physical Geography)
THIEL, Dr. Michael (Remote Sensing)
TINTRUP gen. SUNTRUP, Dr. Angela (Physical Geography)
TRAPPE, Julian, M.Sc. (Physical Geography)
U ULLMANN, Dr. Tobias (Physical Geography)
V VAUPEL, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Albrecht (Physical Geography)
VOGEL, Dr. Helmer (Didactics of Geographie)
VON SECKENDORFF, Dr. Volker (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
W WAGNER, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Horst-Günter (Human Geography)
WEBER, Winfried (Human Geography)
WEGMANN, Dr. Martin (Remote Sensing)
WEIDLICH, Dipl.-Geogr. Oliver (lecturer)
WERNER, Dr. Marcus
(Human Geography)
WILDE, Dipl.-Geogr. Martina (Physical Geography)
WILHELM, Inka (Physical Geography)
WILL, Prof. Dr. Thomas (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
WINKLER, Prof. Dr. Stefan (Physical Geography)
WINTER, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf
(Physical Geography)
WIRTH, Daniel(lecturer)
WOLF, Daniela
(Human Geography)
WOLTERING, Dr. Manuel (Human Geography)
Z ZIMANOWSKI, Prof. Dr. Bernd (Physical Geography)

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