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Dr. Martin Bachmann

Employment at the department:

01/2003 - 03/2005

Research projects at the departement:

Dissertation in "Automated Generation of Data Products in Support of Land Degradation Mapping", main focus: derivation of vegetation and soil parameters from hyper spectral data 

Publications at the departement

(list no longer maintained)

MÜLLER, A., BACHMANN, M., DECH, S. (2004): New Hyperspectral Approaches for the Assessment of Dryland Degradation. In: Proceedings of 12th Australasian Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Conference, 18-22 October, Fremantle.

BACHMANN, M., MÜLLER, A., HABERMEYER, M., DECH, S. (2004): An Iterative Unmixing Approach in Support of Fractional Cover Estimation in Semi-Arid Environments. In: Proceedings of SPIE Remote Sensing Europe, 13-16 September, Masplomas.

DECH, S., BACHMANN, M., MÜLLER, A. (2003): New Remote Sensing Approaches in Support of Sustainable Land Use Management in Semi-Arid Environments. In: Proceedings of 30th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, 10-14 November, Honululu.

BACHMANN, M., HABERMEYER, M. (2003): Evaluation of Image Fusion Techniques for Large-Scale Mapping of Non-Green Vegetation. In: Proceedings of 3rd EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy, 13-16 May 2003, Herrsching