Deutsch Intern
Earth Observation Research Cluster

Ruben Remelgado, M.Sc.

Employment at the department:

04/2015 - 12/2018

Research projects at the departement:

Opt4Environment, CAWa

Publications at the departement

(list no longer maintained)

  • Remelgado, R., Wegmann, M., and Safi, K. (2019) rsMove – An R package to bridge Remote Sensing and Movement Ecology, Methods in Ecology and Evolution 1-23.

  • Remelgado, R., Leutner, B., Safi, K., Sonnenschein, R., Kuebert, C., and Wegmann, M. (2017) Linking animal movement and remote sensing – mapping resource suitability from a remote sensing perspective, Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.

  • Tedim, F., Remelgado, R., Martins, J., and Carvalho, S. (2015) The largest forest fires in Portugal: the constraints of burned area size on the comprehension of fire severity, Journal of Environmental Biology 36, 133-143.

  • Pasoli, L., Notarnicola, C., Bertoldi, G., Bruzzone, L., Remelgado, R., Greifender, F., Niedrist, G., Della Chiesa, S., Tappeiner, U., and Zebisch, M. (2015) Estimation of Soil Moisture in Mountain Areas Using SVR Technique Applied to Multiscale Active Radar Images at C-Band, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 8, 262-283.

  • Tedim, F., Remelgado, R., Borges, C., Carvalho, S., and Martins, J. (2013) Exploring the occurrence of mega-fires in Portugal, Forest Ecology and Management 294, 86 - 96.

  • Remelgado, R., and Wegmann, M. (2017) Towards Behavior Dependent Species Distribution Modeling. In 37th International Symposium of Remote Sensing of Environment, p 473, Tshwane, South Africa.

  • Remelgado, R., Wegmann, M., and Kamran, S. (2016) Remote Sensing in Movement Ecology: Scale Dependencies of Space Use. In Living Planet Symposium - Europen Space Agency (ESA), Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Remelgado, R., Sonnenschein, R., and Notarnicola, C. (2014) Forest damage assessment using SAR and optical data: evaluating the potential for rapid mapping in mountains. In Special Issue 1: 34th EARSeL Symposium, pp 76-81, EARSeL eProceedings.