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Earth Observation Research Cluster

Wieke Heldens, M.Sc.

Employment at the department:

10/2006 - 03/2010

Research projects at the departement:

PhD studies within the framework of the REFINA project on retrieval of urban planning parameters from high resolution airborne hyperspectral and stereo remote sensing imagery

Publications at the departement

(list no longer maintained)

  • Esch, T., Taubenböck, H., Heldens, W., Thiel, M., Wurm, M., Geiss, C., Dech, S. (2010): Urban Remote Sensing - How Can Earth Observation Support the Sustainable Development of Urban Environments?, In: Schrenk, M., Popovich, V.V., Zeile, P. (Edts.) Proceedings of REAL CORP 2010, pp. 837-847
  • Esch, T., Dech, S., Roth, A., Schmidt, M., Taubenböck, H., Heldens, W., Thiel, M., Wurm, M., and D. Klein (2009): Monitoring and assessment of urban environments using space-borne earth observation data. In: Urban and Regional Data Management - Krek, Rumor, Zlatanova & Fendel (eds), Taylor & Francis Group, London, pp. 385- 398.
  • Heldens, W., Esch, T., Heiden, U., Dech, S. (2008): Potential of hyperspectral remote sensing for characterisation of urban structure in Munich.In: Carsten Jürgens (Ed.), Remote Sensing - New Challenges of High Resolution. Proceedings of the EARSeL Joint Workshop Bochum, March 5-7 2008, CD-ROM. pp 94-103
  • Heldens, W. (2006): Spatio-temporal modelling of land cover using Markov theory. Msc thesis. Wageningen University, Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing