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Bavarian Georesource Centre

Bavarian Georesources Centre (BGC)

In view of a steadily growing world population and rising material needs, especially in emerging economies, a significantly increased demand of geogenic resources is foreseeable for the coming decades. Even with the ideal optimization of resource efficiency and recycling rates, modern society will, for the foreseeable future, continue to rely even more on the mining of energy and mineral recources. Questions of availability as well as potential conflicts of use will increasingly come to the fore of public interest. This applies especially to Bavaria, where economy and industry in particular depend on the supply of geogenic raw materials.

In order to cope with the increasing interest in the mining extraction of non-renewable raw materials and the increased demand in the future, the expertise in geological resource research and economic geology available at the four large universities was pooled at the Bavarian Georesource Centre (BGC). The BGC university working groups of the

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,
Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg,
Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich and the
Technical University of Munich

not only provide basic academic research, but also offer a variety of services for the domestic and international economy.

Contact persons:

  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Hartwig Frimmel,
    Dept. for Geodynamics and Geomaterial Research,
    Institute for Geography and Geology,
    University of Würzburg

  • Univ. Prof. Dr. H. Albert Gilg,
    Dept. for Engineering Geology,
    Technical University Munich

  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Reiner Klemd,
    Dept. Crustal Dynamics, Geochemistry and Deposit Research,
    GeoCentre of Northern Bavaria,
    Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Robert Marschik,
    Ressource Geology,
    Dept. for Geo- and Environment Sciences,
    Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Research projects in the Dept. of Geodynamics and Geomaterial Research in the frame of BGC:

Mafic basement of the Mesoarchaean Witwatersrand basin fill: Possible source of the world´s largest known accumulation of gold?

Economic geological analyses of the future availability of mineral resources

German-Chinese Research Co-operation 2: Metallogenesis of the Xiaoqinling Gold Ore Field, Chin

Genesis of Uranium-Mineralisation in Pan-African granites of Cameroon

The Onset of the Crustal Gold Cycle

  • H.E. Frimmel (2014): A Giant Mesoarchean Crustal Gold-Enrichment Episode: Possible Causes and Consequences for Exploration. Soc. Econ. Geol., Inc. Special Publication, 18: 209-234.
  • H.E. Frimmel (2015): Onset of Crustal Gold Cycle Triggered by First Oxygenic Photosynthesis. Proceedings of the 13th Biennial SGA Meeting, Nancy: 25-28

Uraninite Chemistry as Fingerprint of Provenance

Rare Earth Element Potential in Kaolin Deposits