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    Physical Geography

    Makeev, Alexander

    Chair of Geography – Physical Geography

    • Soil geography and evolution
    • paleopedology
    • paleoenvironmental reconstructions
    • soils and climate change

    Russian Science Foundation. Project # 16-17-10280 “Spatial and temporal landscape dynamics of the Russian Plain on the basis of geoarchaeological archives”. Project duration: 2016-2018. Project leader.

    Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Project # 17-04-01221 “Paleolandscape reconstruction of the last Glacial/Interglacial cycle within Moscow glacial limits of the Russian Plain based on pedosedimentary archives”. Project duration: 2017-2019. Project leader.

    Russian Science Foundation. Project # 14-27-00133 “Geography of Soils of Extreme Environment in Past and Nowadays: Theory, Methodology and Empirical Provision”. Project duration: 2014-2018. Project participant.

    Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Chinese natural Science Foundation. Project # 7-55-53035 “Vegetation and climate change since the Last Glacial Maximum as recorded in loess deposits of Russian Plain and Chinese Loess Plateau”. Project duration: 2017-2019. Project participant.

    Russian Science Foundation. Project # 16-17-10103 “The impact of global climate change on Caspian sea system during the Quaternary”. Project duration: 2016-2018. Project participant.

    2014 – 2015
    Project TEMPUS 530397 Ecostream “Strengthening the Lifelong Learning in Environmental Sciences in Russia”

    2005 - 2007
    The dependance of Kamchatka pedogenesis on tephra lithology. Foundation for BASIC Research (RFBR), Grant # 05-04-48262, 06-04-63055 and 07-04-10060.

    2008 - 2011
    Surface paleosols of the Russian Plain. Under Federal Program of soil functions in biosphere and surface ecosystems.

    2002 - 2004
    Modern volcanism and Holocene paleosols of Kamchatka peninsula . Funded by: Russian Foundation for BASIC Research (RFBR), Grant # 02-04-49845, 02-04-63166 and 03-04-63060. Project leader

    2000 - 2002
    Spatial regulations in soil forming factors on the base of GIS. Funded by: Russian Foundation for BASIC Research (RFBR), Grant # 00-04-48916.

    1999 - 2001
    Federal program on biodiversity. Paleopedology as a tool for reconstruction soil genesis and evolution.

    1998 - 2001
    Rural development Network Project, CIDA, Canada. Project leader 1998-2000 Federal program “Soil functions in biosphere and surface ecosystems.

    1998-1999 Assessment of soil forming potential of lithogenic versus lithogenic factors on the base of GIS analyses. Funded by: Russian Foundation for BASIC Research (RFBR), Grant # 98-04-491999.

    1994 – 1996 Russian Agricultural Network project, USAID. Project leader 1981 - 1997 Project: State Soil Map of 1:1000000

    June 2005
    Habilitation, Faculty of Soil Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Thesis: Surface paleosols of loess areas in the center of Russian Plain.

    July 1985
    Ph.D. in Geography

    1977 – 1981
    Ph.D. student, Dokuchaev Soil Institute, Moscow, Russia. Advisor: Prof. Dr. I.A. Sokolov; Thesis: Soils with texture-differentiated profiles in the North-West of the Russian Plain (Russian language)

    June 1977
    Diploma, Department of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Advisor: Prof. Dr. Yu. A. Liverovski; Thesis: Soils of Svalbard (Russian language)

    1972 – 1977
    Student of Geography, Department of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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