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Economic Geography

About us

In our working group, we pursue the goal of (re)thinking and further developing economic geography from a critical perspective and taking international 
approaches into account. We deal in particular with the following topics:

  • alternative economies and alternative economic practices
  • Post-growth
  • Geographies of nutrition and critical agrarian studies
  • Labor Geographies
  • Financialization and globalization
  • Economic, social, ecological and spatial implications of digitization and new technologies
  • Causes and consequences of unequal development
  • alternative futures of urban and rural areas

These topics are linked by the questions of how we can better understand and deal with the current multiple crises, how, in view of these crises, a necessary socio-ecological and just transformation of the economy and society can succeed or what prevents this, and what new, old ones , diverse and plural theoretical and practical (economic geographical) approaches we can fall back on.

A list of our selected publications can be found here.