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Professorship of Climatology


Project bundle Climate Adaption: Adaptation to Drought and El Niño Effects in the Central Highlands of Vietnam (Drought-ADAPT), subproject 4

To model and project the past and future climate of Vietnam under different scenarios, the regional climate model REMO is used. The resulting simulations are validated using observational datasets and are compared to other regional models. Thereby, we investigate the general climate simulation in its spatio-temporal characteristics and focus on the representation of extrem events like drought and heavy precipitation and their temporal aspects. The differenct scenarios are not only related to greenhouse gas concentrations but also to the land cover change which plays a major role in the local hydrological cycle.
Further, the simulations are used to force the hydrological modelling in the region which is done by the German Research Center for Geoscience (GFZ) Potsdam with the hydrological model mHM. Another point of investigation will be related to the forecast potential of droughts. For this, the relationship between the monsoon rainfall and atmospheric and oceanic patterns, e.g. ENSO, is studied. Together with the other project partners, the overarching aim is to develop a drought forecast system in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
The results will be available to the general public and will be easily accessible and understandable via an online presence.