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Professorship of Climatology

Big Data@Geo: Big Data in the field of Geography – Advanced environmental technologies using AI in the Web

The aim of the project BigData@Geo is to gear up regional companies for future challenges by the means of a simplified and integrated access point to specific knowledge and model data. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in those sectors most affected, namely agriculture and forestry, are involved right from the begining in a way that machine learning model data are available for them as innovative services in order to adapt to changing regional environmental conditions.

A web-based knowledge and information portal for geography is produced, providing important and essential environmental data in a handy way to regional SMEs. This concerns quantitative information regarding regional environmental change and consequential impact as well as adaption measures for land use in Frankonia. The data is made available in an unprecedented resolution and prepared in an application-oriented way.  For data processing, latest methods of deep learning as well as artificial intelligence are used and combined with big data approaches in order to process the large amounts of data.

By doing so, an easy access to existential information with a brand-new quality is created for the companies using contemporary information technology and specific geographic models.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF,

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