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Geodynamics and Geomaterial Research

Höhn, Dr. Stefan

Dr. Stefan Höhn

Research Associate at the Department of Geodynamics & Geomaterials Research

Tel.: +49 931 31-81749
E-Mail: stefan.hoehn@uni-wuerzburg.de  

Institut für Geographie und Geologie
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg

Campus Hubland Süd
Zimmer 213

Monday to Friday


  • Geochemistry, stable isotopes (Cu, S)
  • Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag deposits, rare earth elements
  • Sedimentology

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Price W. 2021. Syn‑metamorphic sulfidation of the Gamsberg zinc deposit, South
Africa. Mineralogy & Petrology, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00710-021-00764-w

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Price W. 2020. Pre-Klondikean oxidation prepared the ground for Broken Hill-type mineralization in South Africa. Terra Nova 33: 168-173.

Will, T.M., Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Gaucher, C., Roux, P.J., Macey, P.H. 2020. Petrological, geochemical and isotopic data of Neoproterozoic rock units from Uruguay and South Africa: Correlation of basement terranes across the South Atlantic. Gondwana Research 80: 12-32.

Decrée, S., Savolainen, M., Mercadier, J., Debaille, V., Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Baele, J.-M. (2020) Geochemical and spectroscopic investigation of apatite in the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex: Keys to understanding apatite forming processes and assessing potential for rare earth elements. Applied Geochemistry 123, 104778

Höhn, S. (2020) Die Entstehung der Kupferberger Kupfer-Zink-Lagerstätte. Mitteilungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins Schweinfurt 39, 8-16

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Debaille, V., 2019, Pre-metamorphic oxidation of the Broken Hill deposit at Aggeneys (South Africa) revealed by Cu isotopes. Proceedings of the 15th Biennial SGA meeting, Glasgow, Volume 3, pp. 1212-1215.

Geyer, G., Landing, E., Höhn, S., Linnemann, U., Meier, S., Servais, T., Wotte, T. and Herbig, H.G., 2019. Revised Cambrian stratigraphy in the Franconian Forest (Frankenwald), Germany, reveals typical West Gondwanan succession in the Saxothuringian Belt. Newsletters on Stratigraphy, 52(4), pp. 377-433.

Höhn, S., Koglin, N., Klopf, L., Schüssler, U., Tragelehn, H., Frimmel, H.E., Zeh, A. and Brätz, H., 2018. Geochronology, stratigraphy and geochemistry of Cambro-Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian volcanic rocks of the Saxothuringian Zone in NE Bavaria (Germany)—new constraints for Gondwana break up and ocean–island magmatism. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 107(1), pp.359-377.

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Debaille, V., Pašava, J., Kuulmann, L. and Debouge, W., 2017. The case for metamorphic base metal mineralization: pyrite chemical, Cu and S isotope data from the Cu-Zn deposit at Kupferberg in Bavaria, Germany. Mineralium Deposita, 52(8), pp.1145-1156.

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E., Kuulmann, L., Debaille, V. and Debouge, W., Metamorphogenic base metal mineralization at the margin of a nappe complex: the example of Kupferberg, Germany. Proceedings of the 14th Biennial SGA meetig, Quebec, pp.

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E. and Koglin, N., 2015, Multi-stage sulfidation at Bavaria‘s largest Cu-Zn deposit (Kupferberg/Germany). Proceedings of the 13th Biennial SGA meeting, Nancy, pp. 24-27.

Höhn, S., Frimmel, H.E. and Pašava, J., 2014. The rare earth element potential of kaolin deposits in the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic, Austria). Mineralium Deposita, 49(8), pp.967-986.

  • Electron microprobe
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Mikrothermometry
  • Radiation safety
  • Hazardous substances
  • Sample preparation, mineral separation