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Chair of Geodynamics and Geomaterial Research

Field Trips

The department offers the following geological excursions:

Requirements for participation:

  1. Successful completion of the lecture series "Endogenous Dynamics - Introduction to Geology".
  2. Successful completion of one other course offered by the department (e.g. Mineral and Rock Identification, Geological Maps, Stratigraphy and Earth History).
  3. BSc students of physical geography, in particular with an accompanying subject group Geology, are preferred.

For some excursions (e.g. South Africa March 2019) there is a special selection procedure with application and a letter of motivation, whereby the professional qualification of the applicants is taken into account (i.e., geological background, attendance of relevant courses e.g. from our offer,  students who are planning to do their thesis at our department etc.).

Type of examination: protocol/report and/or presentation

Maximum number of participants depending on destination: 13 - 14
Personal registration within the given deadline!

VL-Nr: 04102710
3 days: 19th - 21th March 2024
Kleinschrot, Höhn
Registration via WueStudy

VL-Nr: 04102720
4 days:  13th - 16th June 2024
Frimmel, Höhn
Registration via WueStudy

VL-Nr: 04102750
1 day: 26th September 2024
Kleinschrot, Höhn
Registration via WueStudy

Upon request, the successful participation of Geology in Germany I + II + III will be approved as a large excursion.