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Institut für Geographie und Geologie

Research at the Department of Geodyamics & Geomaterials Research

The research work at the chair, which is financed partly by government (German Research Foundation DFG) and partly by industry funds, can essentially be divided into four main areas:

  1. Work on the reconstruction of tectonic processes in old parts of the Earth's crust, which provides an improved understanding of the geodynamic processes that have led and continue to lead to the repeated formation and destruction of large continental masses;
  2. Work on the characterisation of geogenic raw materials (e.g. gold, platinum, copper, uranium, petroleum, rare earths) and their sustainable use;
  3. Archaeometry - the study of historical artifacts such as ceramics in terms of their mineralogical and chemical composition;
  4. palaeontological-stratigraphic investigations

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