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Themenvorschläge für Masterarbeiten

Die Mitarbeiter des Lehrstuhls für Fernerkundung sind auch für eigene Ideen immer offen. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an.

Falls Interesse an einer MSc-Thesis im Kontext Biodiversität, Naturschutz und Fernerkundung besteht, bitte Dr. Martin Wegmann ansprechen.

Laufende Arbeiten

Masterstudiengang "EAGLE", Universität Würzburg


Masterstudiengang "Global Change Ecology", Universität Bayreuth


Abgeschlossene Arbeiten

2021[ to top ]
  • Sogno, P. (2021): Earth Observation for Exposome Mapping - Proof of Concept and Case Study in Augsburg, Germany
  • Fisser, H. (2021): Erfassung von Verkehrsaktivitätenmustern zur Ableitung von Verkehrsdichte und Emsissionsfaktoren
  • Groth, S. (2021): Deep multi-task learning for building characterization with street-level imagery
  • Halbgewachs, M. (2021): Deforestation and forest fragmentation in Mato Grosso, Brazil
  • Mast, J. (2021): Analysing the relationship between urban morphology and economic subcenters
  • Zehner, M. (2021): Characterization of individual urban trees using combinations of VHR remote sensing and auxiliary data
2020[ to top ]
  • Beck, L. (2020): Multi-Annual Flood Mapping using Multi-Sensor Satellite Data in the Iishana Sub-Basin (Namibia/Angola)
  • Ahmed, F. (unpublished Master thesis 2020): Agricultural landscape Configuration and Pattern Analysis with VHR Imagery in BavariaSeite, 88.
  • Abu, I.-O. (2020): Detection of Cocoa Plantages in complex forest landscapes Cocoa mapping in West Africa
  • Adelware, O. (2020): Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to detect historical landslides for improving risk assessment in Antioquia, Colombia
  • Wang, M. (2020): Comparison of Surface Urban Heat Islands Using the World Settlement Footprint Imperviousness Layer
  • Buchelt, S. (2020): Mapping High-Resolution Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Snowmelt using Orthorectified Photo Cameras & Sentinel-1 Time Series Data
  • Kluter, P. (2020): Deep Learning Approach to Ship Detection and Classification Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
  • Steiner, S. (2020): Assessing the Potential of a Land Cover Dependent Snow Cover Detection Algorithm for the Global SnowPack
  • Glasmann, F. (2020): Potential of the Firebird Mission for the Detection of Gas-flaring Activity
  • Orthofer, A. (2020): Deriving Leaf Area Index and mowing dates for grasslands based on the radiative transfer model SLC and Sentinel 2 data
  • Soltani, S. (2020): Spatio-temporal Analysis of Urbanization caused by the New Silk Road
  • Klein, R. (2020): The Water Use Efficiency Monitor in Central Asia (WUEMoCA) as a tool for supporting water management in the Aral Sea Basin
  • Lee, B. C. (2020): Development of a semi-analytical model for seagrass mapping using cloud-based computing and open sourced optical satellite-data
  • Hasenbein, K. (2020): The potential of time-series data to improve fine scale mapping of land use in heterogeneous landscapes
  • Gnann, N. (2020): Identification of anthropogenic debris assisted by unmanned aerial vehicles and deep learning
  • Turulski, K. (2020): Ableitung hyperspektraler Indices zur Bewertung von Trockenstress unter Verwendung von HySpeX Daten
2019[ to top ]
  • Hendel, A.-L. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Effects of rain-on-snow and basal ice on seasonal NDVI in High Arctic Svalbard: a multi-scale approachSeite, 50.
  • Nolting, S. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Risk Assessment for Flood Events based on Geo- and Socioeconomic Data - A Case Study for North-Rhine Westphalia, GermanySeite, 89.
  • Miah, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Detecting and Assessing Ground Subsidence of Dhaka City, Bangladesh, Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data of Sentinel-1Seite, 70.
  • Groll, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Deep learning for Instance Segmentation of bomb craters on historical aerial images of the Second World WarSeite, 96.
  • Löw, J. (2018): Interferometric and polarimetric signatures of agricultural crops using multi-temporal dual-polarimetric Sentinel-1 imagery: a case study in north-eastern GermanySeite, 81.
  • Roersch, S. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Development of a semi-automated method to measure solar potential
  • Reiter, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Comparing Urban Green Spaces in German Cities Using Remote Sensing Data
  • Kurtenbach, M. (2019): Erfassung und Analyse der oberflächennahen Bodenfeuchte und deren Dynamik im agrarisch geprägten Süden Italiens mit fernerkundlichen Daten und Methodiken. (Master thesis), Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, GermanySeite, 120.
  • Endara Pinillos, P. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Flooding patterns and vegetation development in the Orinoco flooded savannas of ColombiaSeite, 55.
  • Philipp, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Potential of harmonic analysis using remote sensing data for studying the effects of climate change induced weather extreme events on forest ecosystemsSeite, 164.
  • Saadallah, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): The Potential of Earth Observation for Monitoring Agricultural Lands in Egypt (1984-2017)Seite, 53.
  • Baur, M. J. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Global Characterization of Vegetation Canopy Properties and Their Dynamics Using Microwave Radiometry.Seite, 40.
  • Sauerbrey, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Integration of SAR and Optical Satellite Imagery: Time-Series Analysis of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery for Detection of Active Morphodynamics: A Case Study in the Atacama Desert, Chile.Seite, 96.
  • Salerno, C. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Remote sensing assessment of projected sea level rise on land use and the urban coastal city of Cape Town, South AfricaSeite, 21.
  • Selbmann, A.-K. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Spatial patterns of wildfire severity and vegetation in the Yokon-Kuskokwim-Delta, AlaskaSeite, 65.
  • Singh Dhillon, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Comparing the performance of crop growth models using synthethic remote sensing data at DEMMIN, Germany
  • Reiter, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Comparing Urban Green Spaces in German Cities Using Remote Sensing DataSeite, 116.
  • Roersch, S. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Development of a semi-automated method to measure solar potentialSeite, 70.
  • Wiertz, K. (unpublished Master thesis 2019): Development of a semi-automatic remote sensing approach for change detection of forest structures in Bialowieza ForestSeite, 51.
2018[ to top ]
  • Schwalb-Willmann, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): A deep learning movement prediction framework for identifying anomalies in animal-environment interactions
  • Stiller, D. (unpublished Master thesis 2018): Analysing Spatio-temporal Patterns of Coastal Aquaculture Based on Three Decades of Satellite Data
2017[ to top ]
  • Schulte to Bühne, H. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Quantifying land cover change using remote sensing data in a transboundary protected areaSeite, 63.
  • Biber, M. F. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Can animal movement and remote sensing data help to improve conservation efforts? - A case study on plains and Grevy’s zebras
  • Maier, P. J. M. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Modellierung von Erntemengen für Hopfensorten in der Hallertau mittels Deep Learning Algorithmen auf Basis von Klima- und SatellitendatenSeite, 114.
  • Weiser, F. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Assessing the forest response along treelines to an Epirrita autumnata outbreak in Abisko, using a combination of fieldwork and remote sensing
  • Karg, S. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Burn scar detection using polarimetric ALOS-2 time-series data
  • Reinermann, S. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Extreme Events in Europe between 2000 and 2017: Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics based on Earth Observation Times SeriesSeite, 49.
  • Staab, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Applying Computer Vision of Monitoring Visitor NumbersSeite, 65.
  • Binnig, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Entwicklung eines räumlich-dynamischen Ansatzes zur fernerkundungsbasierten Modellierung der tatsächlichen Evatranspiration von Bewässerungsregionen im AralseebeckenSeite, 87.
  • von Uslar, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2017): Der Einfluss stratifizierter Sampling Mehtoden auf multi-temporale, objektbasierte Random-Forest KlassifikationSeite, 86.
2016[ to top ]
  • Stephani, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2016): Impact of remote sensing characteristics for biodiversity monitoring - A case study of Southern Myanmar mangroves
  • Premier, J. B. (unpublished Master thesis 2016): The Lynx Effect: Behaviour of Roe Deer in the Presence of Lynx in a European Forest Ecosystem
  • Kuhn, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2016): Using very high resolution remote sensing imagery to assess crop diversity in the Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan
  • Schumann, B. (unpublished Master thesis 2016): Ermittlung der Baumkronendichte des Ober- und Unterstandes in heterogenen Wäldern Hilfe von multitemporalen LiDAR- Daten
  • Ulloa Torrealba, Y. Z. (unpublished Master thesis 2016): Land change in the Main catchment with an Object Based approach using eCognition
  • Bolkart, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2016): Mapping and Monitoring Locust Habitats in the Aral Sea Region based on Satellite Earth Observation Data
2015[ to top ]
  • Broszeit, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Assessing long-term inland water quality using satellite imagery: A feasibility and validation study of different lake types
  • Rossi, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Statistische Analyse von Standortfaktoren zur Erklärung phänologischer Zeitpunkte am Beispiel von Grünlandflächen im Alpenvorland
  • Beroya-Eitner, M. A. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Flood Vulnerability Index for Delta Socio-Economical Systems: Application to the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam
  • Gnoyke, P. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Large Land Acquisitions in East Africa. An examination of spatial dynamics through remote sensing
  • Hill, S. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Predicting the Forest Development after Natural Disturbance in the Bavarian Forest National Park using Airborne LiDAR
  • Malec, S. S. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Assessment of Soil erosion parameters in Costa Rica using reflectance hyperspectral and simulated EnMAP imagery
  • Duguru, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Trends in Indices for Extreme Precipitation in Western Africa
  • Vollmuth, M. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Zusammenhänge der Schneedynamik und des Abflussverhaltens im Einzugsgebiet des Naryn - Statistische Betrachtungen und physiogeographische Erklärungen
  • Hess, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Deforestation in Myanmar – what can we say about causes?
  • Graf, W. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Suitability of LiDAR and texture measures of aerial distribution of Glaucidium passerinum (pygmy owl) in Vercors, French Alps
  • Sieg, T. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): The potential of interferometric and polarimetric SAR data to characterize urban areas at the example of Mumbai and Manila
  • Asja, B. (unpublished Master thesis 2015): Mind the Gap: A Global Analysis of Grassland Fragmentation using MODIS Land Cover Data
2014[ to top ]
  • Ziewers, K. (unpublished Master thesis 2014): Declining migratory avian species in the UK: a consequence of habitat quality alteration in western Africa?A case study using Remote Sensing Data
  • Baron, D. (unpublished Master thesis 2014): Analysis of MODIS time series data for characterization of hydrometeorological factors in relation to landslide activity in Southern Kyrgyzstan
  • Sokol, V. (unpublished Master thesis 2014): Interaction between white stork migration patterns and urban environment in Germany
  • Ortmann, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2014): Estimating land cover changes and current carbon stock in Tanzania in the context of REDD+
2013[ to top ]
  • Panah, S. S. A. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Relationship Between Land Surface Temperature and the Ratio of Urban area und Urban Parks - An Appplication for the City of Munich (Germany)
  • Dambroz, C. S. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Analysing forest fragmentation characteristics among continuous vegetation gradients in South AmericaSeite, 40.
  • Wohlfart, C. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Mapping tropical dry forest in South East Asia using a continuous cover approachSeite, 59.
  • Kachelrieß, D. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Analysis of the effectivity of Marine Protected Areas – a case study using Remote Sensing for the Chagos ArchipelagoSeite, 63.
  • Bell, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Moving Forward Application of behaviour change pont analysis and species distribution models in conservation
  • Reichmuth, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Detection of forest parameters using imaging spectroscopy
  • Braun, D. (unpublished Master thesis 2013): Estimating the current and future human impact in Tanzania for wildlife corridor managementSeite, 77.
  • Plum, C. (unpublished Master thesis 2012): The underuse of remote sensing in ecology and conservation: Quantifying technical and cultural constraints hindering a deeper rootage of remote sensing as a standard tool in biodiversity and conservation sciencesSeite, 132.
2012[ to top ]
  • Reise, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2012): Impact of model algorithm selection and remote sensing data selection on the analysis of species-habitat associations and the prediction of species distribution: A case study using camera trap data of dhole and leopard in CambodiaSeite, 55.
  • Früh, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2012): Historic changes in regional ecosystem service demand: The impact of settlement change on flood mitigation in the upper Main basin
2011[ to top ]
  • Edlinger, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2011): The Soviet heritage in the Aral Sea Basin: Monitoring the expansion and intensification of crop production in the Karshi irrigation district, Uzbekistan, between 1972 and 2009 using Landsat time seriesSeite, 55.
  • Simang, A. (unpublished Master thesis 2011): Influence of habitat and governance for landscape level conservation on Asian elephantsSeite, 73.
  • Knauer, K. (unpublished Master thesis 2011): Monitoring ecosystem health of Fynbos remnant vegetation in the City of Cape Town using remote sensing
2009[ to top ]
  • Zeidler, J. (unpublished Master thesis 2009): Field-based agricultural land-use classi cation and analysis in Khorezm, Uzbekistan for the years 2004 to 2007Seite, 30.