English Intern
Professur für Klimatologie

Jingmin LI

Anstellung in der Arbeitsgruppe:
03/2016 - 11/2018

Wissenschaftliche Artikel

Li, J., Pollinger, F. and Paeth, H. (2020):
Comparing the Lasso Predictor-Selection and Regression Method with Classical Approaches of Precipitation Bias Adjustment in Decadal Climate Predictions.
[DOI] Monthly Weather Review, 148(10), 4339–4351.

Li, J., Pollinger, F., Panitz, H.-J., Feldmann, H. and Paeth, H. (2019):
Bias adjustment for decadal predictions of precipitation in Europe from CCLM.
[DOI] Climate Dynamics, 53(3-4), 1323–1340.

Paeth, H., Li, J., Pollinger, F., Müller, W. A., Pohlmann, H., Feldmann, H. and Panitz, H.-J. (2019):
An effective drift correction for dynamical downscaling of decadal global climate predictions.
[DOI] Climate Dynamics, 52(3-4), 1343–1357.

Paeth, H., Steger, C., Li, J., Pollinger, F., Mutz, S. and Ehlers, T. A. (2019):
Comparison of climate change from Cenozoic surface uplift and glacial-interglacial episodes in the Himalaya-Tibet region: Insights from a regional climate model and proxy data.
[DOI] Global and Planetary Change, 177, 10–26.

Li, J., Ehlers, T. A., Werner, M., Mutz, S. G., Steger, C. and Paeth, H. (2017):
Late quaternary climate, precipitation δ18O, and Indian monsoon variations over the Tibetan Plateau.
[DOI] Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 457, 412–422.

Li, J., Ehlers, T. A., Mutz, S., Steger, C., Paeth, H., Werner, M., Poulsen, C. J. and Feng, R. (2016):
Modern precipitation δ 18 O and trajectory analysis over the Himalaya‐Tibet Orogen from ECHAM5‐wiso simulations.
[DOI] Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 121(18).

Mutz, S., Ehlers, T. A., Li, J., Steger, C., Paeth, H., Werner, M. and Poulsen, C. J. (2016):
Precipitation δ 18 O over the Himalaya‐Tibet orogen from ECHAM5‐wiso simulations: Statistical analysis of temperature, topography and precipitation.
[DOI] Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 121(16), 9278–9300.