English Intern
Professur für Klimatologie

Brigadier LIBANDA

Anstellung in der Arbeitsgruppe:
03/2022 - 02/2023

Wissenschaftliche Artikel

Libanda, B. (2023):
Performance assessment of CORDEX regional climate models in wind speed simulations over Zambia.
[DOI] Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 9(1), 253–262.

Libanda, B. and Paeth, H. (2023):
Future photovoltaic solar power resources in Zambia: a CORDEX-CORE multi-model synthesis.
[DOI] Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 135(6).

Libanda, B. and Paeth, H. (2023):
Modelling wind speed across Zambia: Implications for wind energy.
[DOI] International Journal of Climatology, 43(2), 772–786.

Mushimbei, M. and Libanda, B. (2023):
Adapting to a changing climate: indigenous biotic rainfall forecasting in Western Zambia.
[DOI] International journal of biometeorology, 67(2), 253–263.