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Current projects

CAWa - Central Asia Waters

  • Subject: Agriculture and water management
  • Study site: Central Asian (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan)
  • Funding: Framework of the Berlin Process of the Federal Foreign Office


  • Subject: Sustainable and transboundary water management
  • Study site: Mekong river basin (Vietnam)
  • Funding:  Federal Ministry for Education and Research

DEMMIN - Durable Environmental Multidisciplinary Monitoring Information Network

  • Subject: Agriculture and food security
  • Study site: Northern Germany
  • Funding:

GLAM.de - Global Agricultural Monitoring

  • Subject: Agricultural monitoring
  • Study site: Northern Germany
  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
  • Contact:  Nima Ahmadian

InoCottonGrow - Innovation to Reduce the Water Footprint of the Global Cotton Textile Industry

  • Subject: Agriculture and water management
  • Study site: Germany, Turkey, Pakistan
  • Funding: Federal Ministry for Research and Energy

Landklif - Mapping of land use and ecosystem services using remote sensing

  • Subject: land use, ecosystem services, agrobiodi
  • Study site: Bavaria, Germany
  • Funding: Bavarian Climate Research Network (bayklif) as part of the portfolio of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts


  • Subject: Climate change and land use
  • Study site: Africa
  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research