Department of Geodynamics and Geomaterial Research

Natural landscapes are the product of a range of geological processes, both in the interior and on the surface of Earth. These processes, which include rock formation and deformation, tectonics, orogenesis and formation of mineral deposits are dealt with by the Geodynamics Division in research and teaching. Knowledge that benefits from a thorough understanding of these processes ranges from the evolution of Earth, the reconstruction of palaeogeography, to exploration for new mineral deposits, sensible land use planning, and the assessment of geo-hazards.

The aim of geomaterials research is to better understand the properties and distribution of solid, liquid and gaseous materials, such as minerals, rocks, fluids, oil, natural gas, air, for a better assessment of their potential uses and inherent dangers. The investigation of rocks and minerals provides essential information for solving questions of geodynamics as well as for the evaluation, benefication and utilisation of mineral resources. It forms a major focus of research and teaching at our department, also in the context of the Bavarian Georesources Centre.

The working methods employed by the departmental research activities range from geological field work to a large number of quantitative mineralogical, petrological, geochemical and geochronological analyses, carried out in institute-internal laboratories or through co-operations with domestic and foreign partners. Currently, the research focus of our department is on the following topics: (i) geodynamics of supercontinents, their formation and disintegration and the relationship to palaeoclimate and formation of ore deposits; (ii) gold budget of the Earth´s crust; (iii) tectonics of the oceanic lithosphere; (iv) stratigraphy, especially of Cambrian deposits; and (v) archaeometry. Geographic areas of research activity are Antarctica, southern Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, India and China, but also areas closer to Würzburg.



Department of Geodynamics and Geomaterial Research
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