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Impacts of climate change on pineapple production in Benin

Impacts of climate change on pineapple production in Benin

The pineapple supply chain is one of the most promising agrifoods supply chains promoted by the Strategic Planning of Agricultural Sector Revival in Benin.

However, it is not yet certain whether the preconditions for pineapple production in Benin can be fulfilled, because on the main pineapple growing areas in Benin, an estimated 9.9 mm per year decrease of precipitation was observed, compared to the average of the years 1961-1990.

The current national climate is characterized by an abnormal prolongation of the dry season, an irregularity and unequal distribution of rainfall and a significant decrease of agricultural yields. As a result, climate change has become a pressing threat to national development.

Thus, the research project aims at:

  1. studying climate variability and observed climate change
  2. analysing future climate change scenarios for Benin as predicted by climate models 
  3. assessing their impacts on pineapple growth, development and yield.

The results will help to suggest appropriate adaptation strategies and drive future agricultural decision making.