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Institute of Geography and Geology

BA Geographie 60 ECTS - Nebenfach

The study of geography provides the foundations of physical geography, human geography, regional geography as well as essential working methods of geography. The aim of the programme is to grant students fundamental knowledge of the most important branches of geography and to familiarise them with methods of geographical thinking and working. Therefore, special focus is placed on understanding basic geographic terms and theories, as well as methodological knowledge and the development of typical thought patterns. Hence, the central learning objective is to acquire skills to purposefully analyse, document, and assess spatial structures and development processes. Depending on the version of the studied degree programme, further specific learning targets are met.

Smoking geyser on brown ground with snowy hills in the background.

Degree programme

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), 6 Semestern

Winter semester or summer semester

Possible versions/combinability:

60 ECTS minor subject, to be combined with any 120 ECTS major subject (study of a major and a minor subject).

The possible combinations are not restricted by the Institute of Geography and Geology.

Glass laboratory vessels.


Restricted admission :
Free admission

Aptitude test:

Although it is possible to begin the study programme in winter or summer semester, beginning in winter semester is recommended. As fieldwork, for climatic reasons, cannot take place in winter, some dates might overlap when beginning in the summer semester.

Set of Rules: Examination Regulations (PO) 2023

(Beginning of the study programme in the winter semester 2023/24 as the first semester of study)


Calyxes of a carnivorous plant.

Set of Rules: Examination Regulations (PO) 2015

(Beginning of the study programme in the winter semester 2015/16 as the first semester of study)

Waterfall on brittle rock formation.

Set of Rules: Examination Regulations (PO) 2012

(Beginning of the study programme before the winter semester 2015/16 as the first semester of study)

Subject-specific provisions, module catalogues, list of modules and study plans

The subject-specific provisions (FSB) specify the general academic and examination regulations (ASPO) regarding this degree programme and inform about its aims, skills and learning achievements, beginning and structure of the study programme, standard length, application and admission to the programme, and calculation of both the degree subject grade and the overall grade.

The list of modules is the most important and central document for students and prospective students. It provides information about the individual units and subsections, their ECTS credits, associated modules and module components as well as their assessments. The list of modules can be located in the annex to the subject-specific provisions at the end of the paragraphs.

Study plans are exemplary recommendations for the concrete course of study. They are created based on the list of modules!