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Institute of Geography and Geology

Institute's staff

A ABEL, Dr. Daniel (Climatology - Team Climate)
  ABU, Itohan-Osa, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  AMEND, Thomas (Didactics of Geography)
  ARNDT, Jacqueline, M.Sc. (Social Geography)
B BANGELESA, Dr. Freddy (Climatology - Team Climate)
  BAUMANN, Miriam, M.Sc. (Climatology - Team Climate)
  BAUMHAUER, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland (Senior professorship for Geography)
  BELL, Alexandra, M.Sc. & M.Phil. (Earth Observation)
  BEVANDA, Dr. Mirjana (Earth Observation)
  BITTLINGMAIER, Sarah, M.Sc. (Geography and Regional Science)
  BOTHA, Nina (Geography and Regional Science)
  BÖHN, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Dieter (Didactics of Geography)
  BREUNIG, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Julia (Economic Geography)
  BUCHELT, Sebastian, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  BÜDEL, Dr. Christian (Geomorphology)
D DECH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan (Earth Observation)
  DHILLON, Maninder Singh, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  DOLL, Paulina, M.Sc. (Economic Geography)
  DORSCH, Barbara (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
E EIPPER, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Christoph (Geomorphology)
F FÄTH, Dr. Julian (Climatology - Team Environmental Systems)
  FÖRTSCH, Sebastian, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  FRIESER, Anna Sophie, M.Sc. (Geography and Regional Science)
  FRIMMEL, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hartwig (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
G GARBE, Philipp, M.Sc. (Geoarchaeology and Quaternary Research)
  GEYER, apl. Prof. Dr. Gerd (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
H HARDAKER, Dr. Sina (Economic Geography)
  HILL, Steven, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  HÖHN, Dr. Stefan (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  HOLZHACKER, David, M.Sc. (Didactics of Geography)
J JOB, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert (Geography and Regional Science)
K KANMEGNE-TAMGA, Dan, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  KARGES, Nils, M.Sc. (Social Geography)
  KEUPP, Luzia, M.Sc. (Climatology - Team Climate)
  KIEP, Janika, M.Sc. (Geomorphology)
  KIMARIO, Fidelcastor Frances (Geography and Regional Science)
  KLEE, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Andreas (Geography and Regional Science)
  KLEIN, Prof. Dr. Ralf (Geography and Regional Science)
  KLEINSCHROT, Dr. Dorothée (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  KNEISEL, Prof. Dr. Christof (Climatology - Team Environmental Systems)
  KRAUSE, Julian, M.Sc. (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
  KRECH, Dr. Martin (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
  KREUZER, Dr. Thomas (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
  KÜNZER, Prof. Dr. habil. Claudia (Earth Observation)
  KUNZ, Julius, M.Sc. (Climatology - Team Environmental Systems)
L LANG-NOVIKOV, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Katrin (Geography and Regional Science)
  LIEPA, Adomas, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  LINGE, Christine
LINGE, Christine
(Earth Observation
Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  LÓPEZ AYALA, Dr. Tatiana (Economic Geography)
M MAJEWSKI, Dr. Lisa (Geography and Regional Science)
  MEISTER, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia
MEISTER, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Julia
(Geoarchaeology and Quaternary Research,
  MEYER, Constantin, M.Sc. (Geography and Regional Science)
  MEYER-HEINTZE, Simon, M.Sc. (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
  MIR, Dr. Showkat (Geoarchaeology and Quaternary Research)
  MORITZ, Günter (Geomorphology)
O OKRUSCH, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Martin (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  OPPMANN, Sabine (Earth Observation)
  OSTERKAMP, Nicole, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  OTTE, Dr. Insa (Earth Observation)
P PAETH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heiko (Climatology - Team Climate)
  PFARR, Doris (Didactics of Geography)
  PHILIPP, Marius, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  PINGOLD, Dr. Markus (Didactics of Geography)
  POLLINGER, Dr. Felix (Climatology - Team Climate)
  PRÖSTLER, Katharina (Climatology - Team Climate)
R RAI, Dr. Praveen Kumar (Climatology - Team Climate)
  RASHIDI KOOCHI, Zakieh (Geomorphology)
  RATHMANN, Dr. Joachim (Geography and Regional Science)
  RAUCH, Dr. Sebastian (Social Geography)
  RAUH, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen (Social Geography)
  REIMANN, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Matthias   (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  REINERMANN, Sophie (Earth Observation)
  ROSOL, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marit (Economic Geography)
S SCHWALB-WILLMANN, Jakob, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  SPÄTHE, Peter (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  SPONHOLZ, Prof. Dr. Barbara  (Geomorphology)
  STANDFUß, Dipl.-Ing. Ines, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
T TAUBENBÖCK, PD Dr. Hannes (Earth Observation)
  TEPAß, Dipl.-Geogr. Dagmar
TEPAß, Dipl.-Geogr. Dagmar
(Earth Observation,
Geography and Regional Science)
  TERHORST, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
  THIEL, Dr. Michael (Earth Observation)
  TINTRUP gen. SUNTRUP, Dr. Angela (Geomorphology)
U ULLMANN, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tobias (Earth Observation)
  ULLRICH, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dorothee (Climatology - Team Climate)
V VON SECKENDORFF, Dr. Volker (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
W WAGNER, Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Horst-Günter (Economic Geography)
  WASITSCHEK, Lisa, M.Sc. (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  WEGMANN, Dr. Martin (Earth Observation)
  WEIGAND, Matthias, M.Sc. (Earth Observation)
  WERNER, Dr. Marcus (Social Geography)
  WIEGAND, Tim, M.Sc. (Climatology - Team Environmental Systems)
  WILDE, Dr. Martina (Physical Geography and Soil Science)
  WILHELM, Inka (Climatology,
Geoarchaeology and Quaternary Research,
Physical Geography and Soil Science,
Senior professorship for Geography)
  WILL, Prof. Dr. Thomas (Geodynamics und Geomaterials Research)
  WINKLER, Prof. Dr. Stefan (Geomorphology)
  WIRTH, Daniel (Didactics of Geography)
  WOLF, Daniela (Economic Geography,
Social Geography)
  WOLTERING, Dr. Manuel (Geography and Regional Science)
Z ZIEGLER, Dr. Katrin (Climatology - Team Climate)